A Few Tips When Hiring a Skip in Birmingham

Whether it is for residential or commercial use, skip hire is great to dispose of any kind of building or waste material. Below are some useful tips in order to get the best out of your skip hire and to make sure you don’t break the law

Don’t Do The Following

  1. Do not overfill your skip: People tend to overfill their skips regardless of what size they hired. For that reason, filling a miniature skip with RoRo skip waste material will just cause it to overflow and also possibly get you a fine from skip hire suppliers. Get a skip that fits your needs as opposed to finishing cutting corners and cost. Always select a larger size than you think you need. This will certainly save you money from hiring two skips that could be extra expensive. Keep in mind to load all waste product effectively in order to make one of the most from your skip space.
  2. Do not position your skip in the incorrect location: It is best to place your skips in your private property. Public areas are normally clogged with pedestrian and other traffic. Your skip might  cause an obstruction to others. You could obtain a skip license from the neighbourhood council if you wish to position it in marked public areas. Your skip company can help you with this.
  3. Do not put forbidden products in the skip: Stay clear of placing in items that are dangerous as well as harmful. These forbidden items are o a list provided by your local council and also could cost you hefty fines if you do not follow the rules.

The Benefits and Options

There are various other waste removal services readily available, but skip hire remains the UK’s most widely used waste disposal option. This is generally due to the ease of ordering a skip and the speed at which it can be collected and disposed of.

Skips are offered in a diverse series of dimensions, dimensions and setups to allow you to choose from just what fits your demands. In addition to the dimension of the skip, makes sure that you just pay as long as the job calls for. So whatever you intend to dispose of, simply pick the best size to get the job done successfully.

Here are the five sizes that skips are available in:

Mini: As the name suggests, mini skips are the smallest sized skips that are available for hire. Not only do domestic skip users hire these bins but commercial consumers also prefer them. The reason behind their popularity happens to be their small size that is ideal for situations which create small amounts of waste. Moreover, they also come in 2 and 3-yard capacities.

Midi: Midi skips, as their name signifies, not too small or too large. Their size lies somewhere in the middles, which means they can be used in small-medium sized jobs. When that is the case, they can be used as the primary skip. If you are set on a larger project, then you hire midi skips as secondary skips. They come in two sizes i.e. 4 and 5-yard but what makes them even more perfect is that you can easily fit them in your driveway or at the front of your yard. That means, there won’t be any need of a skip permit.

Builder’s: A builder’s-sized skip is one that is a common sight on most building sites. Since they are larger than the midi skips, they come in either 6 or 8-yard capacities. That means they will be able to hold more waste than the midi ones. However, people involved in home improvement projects happen to prefer this skip size because they can use one each for the multiple jobs that will be taking place at the same time.

Maxi: If you want the skip to be large in size but still maintain the skip bin shape, then you should go for a Maxi skip. Maxi skips come in variety of sizes that start from 10 yards and can go up to 18-yards in capacity. Their size makes them perfect for commercial sites and larger residential projects.

Roll-on Roll-off: These skips are the largest size available to skip hirers. Their capacity can be anywhere from 20 to 40-yard but they are favoured by industrial clients for that very reason. Since the Roll-on Roll-off skip is huge, you will also need a lot of space for its placement.

There are so many options when it comes to skips that you will never find with other methods of disposal. Different shapes, configurations, doors for easy loading, drop-down sides for wheelbarrows, and locks are just some of them!

Choosing a local skip hire provider is your ultimate economical and also effective waste disposal remedy. Mini skip hire Birmingham have really competitive prices on various size skips

Whether you are clearing out stuff after a long overdue house cleaning session or simply, after spring cleaning, you are bound to end up with a huge amount of waste that will need disposing. If you are in the process of changing offices or moving to another house, then you will have even more of that waste to dispose of. However, getting rid of all that rubbish won’t be easy, especially if you happen to live in one of the big cities where there are rules and regulations to follow.

Hopefully the tips above will give you an idea on where to start.


William Young