The Best Credit cards for Businessmen in the UK

Business Credit Cards are quite favourable for people in the field as they are able to provide net business credit score that is better than others due to benefits such as cash-back, interest-free periods, and reward points. Some business cards also provide incentives such as the ability to add an additional cardholder (free of charge) and complimentary travel cover and purchase protection.

Here are some of the best cards that businessmen can own in UK:

Virgin Money

With their branded and licensed services available in South Africa, Australia, and UK, Virgin Money has been rated as the ‘Best Credit Card Provider for Existing Debt’. Perhaps the most compensation for owning this card comes in the ability to transfer sums of cash into other accounts at 4% of applied fees and 0% interest for a total of 41 months. That is roughly 3 years and a quarter of all rounded goodness.


Operating as a bank in the United Kingdom as a trading division for the Bank of Scotland, Halifax’s credit card is a sight to behold for sore eyes. Not only does the card offer you an eligibility of owning another one if already own a Halifax card, you can also easily administer your card usage utilizing Mobile and Online Banking.

MBNA Platinum Credit Card

Based in UK ever since 1993, MBNA has won the Moneyfacts Credit Card of the Year 3 times in a row. With 5 million card holders, it is fair to assume that MBNA is trustworthy at the least. The platinum credit card of MBNA comes with three offers such as:

• Money Transfer Offer – 0% for up to 36 months for money transfer.
• Balance Transfer Offer – 0% for up to 40 months for balance transfer, and
• Handling Fee Offer – hybrid of the above two offering: 0% for 32 months as compared to24 months for balance transfers and 0% for 24 months as compared to 20 months for money transfer in regards with other offers.

Tesco Bank

A retail bank in the United Kingdom formed in 1997, the Tesco Bank offers a club-card credit card which is best for both balance and money transfers. Holders of the card can easily apply to have another card and if approved can be offered 0% for 40 months after the account is opened. Owners of this card can also rack up club-card points whenever the car is used which can also be added to the total of your other reward points for using the Tesco credit card.

Sainsbury’s Bank Nectar Long Balance Transfer Credit Card

A public limited British bank, it is entirely owned by the national supermarket chain in the UK. Approved applicants can get as much as 39 months of 0% balance transfer period with as low as 2.89% fee. Card holders can get as much as 2 Nectar points of every £1 they spend on Sainsbury’s fuel or shopping and 1 Nectar point for spending £5 somewhere else. A 5,000 Nectar point bonus is given when £8,000 are spend in the 1st three months of your credit card account opening at Sainsbury’s Bank.

William Young